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Email Marketing Consultant Services 

Premium Email

JNG Associates does the entire process.  This service is for the clients that do not have the time to publish their own campaigns but see the need for email marketing.

Service Includes:

  • Develop email to client specs.
  • Develop a marketing plan with the client that meets their goals.
  • Set up the account, upload lists, and build a signup box for the client’s website.
  • Publish email newsletters that works with their Social Media.
  • Analyze and discuss results with the client. Modify plan if needed.


JNG Associates sets up the entire account. We then build a custom template and then turn it over to the client.  JNG Associates will support.

Event Promotions

Allows you to manage an event online from start to finish.

Facebook Campaigns

Run promotions and offers on your Facebook  page.

Surveys and Feedback

Turn your email into conversations.