Social Campaigns

Social Campaigns

Run promotions and offers on your Facebook page with Social Campaigns that turn fans into customers so you can increase business.  Promote it to your email list and social networks to engage your existing audience and attract new fans.

Here’s How It Works!

Step 1: Create a great Facebook landing page for your offer. When they see your offer, they hit the “Like Us”  button, and will go to your Reveal Page.    

Step 2: They go to the Reveal Page, and see your offer. They can then share it with their Friends.   

                  Landing Page                                                      Reveal Page

sc-before social campaigns

Here’s what you can do with Social Campaigns:

Sell with E-Commerce Encourage your fans to buy your products or services with a link  right from your Facebook Page. (And offer discounts!) 

 Offer a Coupon. Offer a coupon to your fans. They’ll share your page with their friends, and you’ll get new customers.

 Share Exclusive Content Offer resources like whitepapers or guides to engage your audience and promote industry knowledge.

 Run a Sweepstakes Use a sweepstakes to drive social word of mouth, grow your email list and engage your fans with exciting prizes.

 Get Donations Build awareness for your cause or event with a landing page to raise donations and create buzz.

 Share a Video Increase fan engagement by posting a video: showcase what makes your organization great

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