Engagement Marketing – What Is it?

What is Engagement Marketing? In 25 words or less, it is the basis for modern day marketing especially marketing by email and Social Media.

It is designed to increase Word of Mouth advertising.  Word of Mouth Drives People to Your Door. Your customers’ testimonials carry more credibility than any marketing message you could ever deliver yourself. 90% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know while only 14% trust advertising.

There are 3 main items in Engagement Marketing: (1) Providing a Wow Experience (2) Entice your customers to connect with you and (3) Engage People

1. Create A WOW Customer experience. This is the first step. If you don’t create a WOW experience, then the Engagement Marketing will not work.  The curious thing is that, more often than not, it doesn’t take a lot of money to create the WOW Experience! Do something simple that the competition isn’t doing.

Do something that can be done quickly without costing money. GET CREATIVE!  Small businesses have the tremendous advantage over big businesses because they are more flexible and new and exciting ideas can be implemented quickly without having to get approval from 16 supervisors and not having to play political games.  Get an idea and do it!

2. Now that you have created a WOW experience, capitalize on the customers emotion, ENTICE your customers to connect with you.  Creating opportunities and methods for enticing new customers to connect with you is limited only by your imagination and creativity.

By connecting with you, you can stay in touch with them.  Connections can be established by email, social media and direct mail (It is not dead).  For example, by emailing once a month, even if they don’t open the email, customers see your name and it is refreshed in their minds. If you don’t stay in touch with them, they will forget you.

To help entice your customers to connect with you, offer them something. Offer them, for example, a white paper on business trends or information about the hottest item.  You can also offer them a coupon or a free consultation. Again, get Creative!!

3. Engage People. Engaging with people is not a one-way street. Your goal, whether online or off, should be to drive participation.  There are several items that you will need to engage people. 

First is content in which they are interested.  Examples of this are news, special events and special offers.  Second is a call to action that grips people.  Third is a delivery mechanism such as email, social media and so on.   Lastly, make it easy to interact with you and share your content with others.

I have touched on just the highlights of Engagement Marketing.  I strongly suggest that if you are interested that you purchase the book “Engagement Marketing” by Gail Goodman and it is available at Amazon.

Blogging, Blogging, Who Needs Blogging?

Like so many people I have been advised to blog frequently. To be frank, up until recently I did not blog because I felt it was too time consuming with questionable results. A few weeks ago I started blogging twice a week and have been very pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

I have a LinkedIn account and typically 5 or so people would search for me over a 12-18 day period. Since I have been blogging, the frequency has increased dramatically to roughly 5-7 times in 3-5 days. The number of hits on my website has also increased which is very encouraging.

There are several steps I use to publish my blogs. First, I post it on my website. Then I get the URL for it, post it on my LinkedIn account, and simultaneously to both my Twitter and Facebook accounts. Finally, the blog is used as an article in my newsletter and also to start discussions in several of my LinkedIn groups. It’s amazing that one document can have so many different channels for exposure.

I have found that once I got into the habit of blogging it took me less and less time to write a good blog (My most recent blog took about 30 minutes to write and spell check). In my opinion, blogging is no longer an option. It is a requirement. I wholeheartedly recommend doing it because there is a very high return for the amount of time invested!!